The Good Karma Projects are volunteer focused yoga retreats that serve the people and land we visit. The GKPs grew from the spiritual practice of karma yoga or selfless service, giving back without expecting something in return. We create exciting opportunities for women to travel on a mission and volunteer in some of the most beautiful places on Earth, while we practice yoga and meditation every day. We offer media training and create short films that share inspiring stories of the remarkable women we meet.

In 2015, we offered our first documentary filmmaking bootcamp and created a short film about the women of Tirthan Valley: Nari Shakti: Women of Tirthan Valley. They shared the success stories of their savings and credit groups and small business enterprises. They shared their hearts about the challenges they face as women and their hopes that their daughters will have a better future. 

We were a team of 13 students and mentors, ages 13-64. We offered 5 scholarships for 4 local teenage girls from Radha Ngo, and an elder artist from the USA. We brought together an international team of dedicated students, professional filmmakers and together, with brothers Ankit and Panki Sood of Sunshine Himalayan Adventures and the local community, we made the film, Nari Shakti (Women Power). Our 15min short film, Nari Shakti: Women of the Tirthan Valley, has been shown to thousands visiting the Great Himalayas of northern India. The success stories of these women have inspired countless other women to pursue their own entrepreneurial dreams, as well as, many others who have been touched by their indomitable spirit.

Our belief is that everyone has a deep desire to give back and make positive change in the world. Our GKPs create safe space for women to do just that, while on yoga retreat, practicing selfless service every step of the way. Our GKPs incorporate other volunteer projects that are locally directed. Our filmmaking bootcamp offers practical skills for women and girls, while we make an impactful short film about women, by women and for humanity.

Karma Yoga is a powerful momentous practice. At times, its difficult. That's why it's a practice. During our GKPs missions, we do our best to create a safe space for women to be empowered, share their challenges, give their best, learn new skills and make new friends and a difference in the people's lives we visit.

This is the essence of the Good Karma Projects.  

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." ~ Margaret Mead

Good karma yoga retreats

The Good Karma Yoga Retreat integrates volunteer projects during a 2 week yoga retreat that results in a cultural immersion as well as a spiritual rejuvenation. We'll pick you up in New Delhi, charter a private bus, take you to experience the Taj Mahal, then travel north to the base of the Great Himalayan Mountains. We practice yoga and meditation daily, trek in the Great Himalayas, visit sacred sites, eat local mostly organic meals, learn basic Hindi language, and learn about about the history, current political climate and the biodiversity of the region. We donate approximately 40 hours of selfless service to various karma yoga projects. We offer documentary photography workshops that instruct how to photograph with cultural respect and sensitivity, while we make media for local NGOs. 

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Learn how to create documentary short films made by and about women. We tell true life stories of remarkable women in our world today. In 2015, our documentary filmmaking bootcamp made short films about the Women of the Tirthan Valley, who live on the borderlines of the Great Himalayan National Park. Our films tell the stories of Tirthan's inspiring women who transformed their villages by exceeding local expectations and creating women-owned & operated small businesses and flourishing savings and credit groups.

Our participants learned basic film production skills: Camera, Audio, Lighting, Interviewing, Researching, Planning and Editing.  We held a gratitude party on our last night and showed our films to the local community. 

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