The Good Karma Projects stem from the practice Karma Yoga or selfless service. 

As a team of dedicated volunteers, we work on volunteer missions and donate our skills to people, communities and causes we believe in. We partner with like-minded individuals and local organizations, creating an invaluable experience that broadens our global perspectives and mulitiplies our ability to create momentous change. We design a cross cultural program that includes a 50/50 participant ratio. Half of our guests are from the local region and half are internationally represented from around the globe. We travel as students, whose greatest desire is to learn from the people we visit and allow them to direct us how to be useful. We are practicing karma yoga and mindfulness as best we can, every step of the way. This is the essence of the Good Karma Projects. 

We offer media making workshops and create short films about women, by women and for humanity. We create a safe space where women can be strong or vulnerable and practice non-violent communication. In the end, we make the world a better place by giving the best of ourselves to serve others.

June 1-15, 2015, the Good Karma Projects offered two projects: the Documentary Filmmaking Bootcamp for women and the Good Karma Yoga Retreat.

We travelled to the Kullu Valley of the Great Himalayan National Park in northern India, a 2014 appointed UNESCO world heritage site. 

We produced a 15 min. short film, "Nari Shakti: Women of Tirthan Valley," that is being shown to almost ten thousand locals and visitors the the Great Himalayas of India and inspiring village women and many others who see it.

In India, our projects are generously supported by NGO, Sunshine Himalayan Adventures, led by Ankit Sood, and his brother Panki. None of this would be possible without their dedication and many hours of support. They are our nature guides and cultural awareness teachers. They give classes on the biodiversity of the GHNP and eco-friendly guidelines to help us travel light. Together, we'll go on magical treks around these sacred mountains and connect with nature's splendor. We invite local kids and villagers on our treks as well, so we can have a cross-cultural exchange creating a deeper experience.

From our Good Karma Projects: INDIA in 2015

The Good Karma Yoga Retreat integrated volunteer projects during a 14 day yoga retreat in the Great Himalayan National Park of northern India. We'll donate our services on volunteer projects, while we visited sacred sites, went light mountain treks and recharge with the breath taking scenery of the Great Himalayas. We practice yoga and meditation daily, learn basic language, history and biodiveristy of the region, as well as, volunteer approx. 40 hours of self service to assigned karma yoga projects. We offered a culturally immersive, educational retreats while we work on impactful service projects that help others thrive. 

The Documentary Filmmaking Bootcamp for women is a 14 day short film filmmaking workshop (June 1-15, 2015) that will result in several short films being made about the women and culture of the Kulu Valley. Our focus will be telling the stories of these remarkable women who are making positive impact in our world today. We train everyone basic skills of documentary filmmaking, video, audio, photography, interviewing, editing and story telling, as we create unique short documentary films about the women and local culture. We show our films on the last night, during a special program for the village, and say thank you. Our bootcamp is a life-changing experience for all involved, charged with social activism that truly makes a difference.

IN June 2015, our GKP team traveled to the state of Himachel Pradesh, in the Kullu Valley of northern India. We will worked with the women of the Tirthan Valley, who live at the border of the Great Himalayan National Park, a newly appointed UNESCO World Heritage site, and home to some of the most spectacular scenery on Earth. We shared their stories of their savings and credit groups and the microeconomic business practices. We made a short films thats touched thousands of people lives.

Go to Karma Yoga Retreats or Filmmaking Bootcamp for further details and learn how to make a difference and travel with a purpose. Imagine that.